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Changing the conversation around risk

Risk has changed. So, too, has the kind of professional best qualified to manage it.

The most comprehensive and rigorous demonstration of enterprise risk expertise available, the Chartered Enterprise Risk Analyst® (CERA) is a professional who blends the quantitative and the qualitative—who thinks critically, creatively and collectively about risk, and acts with integrity.

Building upon a rich history and standard of excellence, the CERA credential from the Society of Actuaries CERA reflects the actuary’s evolution—from helping the world better understand risk to playing a leading role in an organization’s risk management. Today, CERAs are changing the conversation around risk—speaking not merely to what we can lose, but to what we can gain.

No other type of risk professional is better equipped to take a 360-degree approach to risk, to drive better decision-making and optimize risk enterprise wide.

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Meet a CERA

Steve Segal

Sim Segal

Sim Segal is president and founder of SimErgy Consulting, a limited liability company specializing in enterprise risk management (ERM).