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SOA Overview

The Society of Actuaries (SOA) is the largest professional organization dedicated to serving 25,000 members and the public in the United States, Canada and worldwide.

Mission Statement

The SOA, through research and education, advances actuarial knowledge and improves decision making to benefit society. We enhance the ability of actuaries to be trusted financial and business advisors on problems involving uncertain future events. We provide and ensure the integrity and relevance of our credentials.

Vision Statement

The SOA is the leading provider of globally recognized credentials establishing actuaries as business leaders who measure and manage risk to support financial security for individuals, organizations, and the public.

The president of the SOA is Craig W. Reynolds, FSA, MAAA, and the president-elect is Jeremy J. Brown, FSA, MAAA, EA, CLU, ChFC.


Strong Professional Network

The SOA is an educational, research and professional organization dedicated to serving the public and its 25,000+ members.