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It's an exciting time to be a CERA. In today's complex and fast-moving marketplace, in businesses and industries of all kinds, professionals with the highly valued quantitative and qualitative skills of a CERA can truly thrive. For students who excel in mathematics, statistics and economics, opportunities abound in the field of risk management.

Help your students harness the potential that exists in enterprise risk management with a career in actuarial science and the CERA credential.


CERA Credential Poster

The CERA credential poster is an educational tool for teachers, counselors and faculty members to display in classrooms. To request a full-sized poster, contact Spencer Bone.

The Actuarial College Listings

Universities and colleges that offer risk management-related curriculum.

Exams and Requirements

Syllabus and study material, registration and resources.

A real-world look into what it's like to pursue a career as an actuary.

CERA Academic Toolkit for Faculty

Instructor and counselor resource about the CERA credential and the actuarial profession.

CERA Academic Toolkit for Students

Student resource about the CERA credential and the actuarial profession.

Strong Professional Network

The SOA is an educational, research and professional organization dedicated to serving the public and its 25,000+ members.